I go back to Waco tomorrow. Weird. I already said bye to you Waco, yet you keep playing with my heart. Not really, its okay. Got one more class to take before I can graduate. These past two weeks have been so great and relaxing, I don't really want them to end. They have to though, because one can't have too much relaxing. Then one gets bored and lazy and fails to appreciate it. And it'll still be pretty slow in Waco, as I am taking only one class now instead of two--Roman Art--and working in the art building--which is a pretty chill job. Way better than standing behind a cash register and making wraps. I'll be sitting at a computer, probably making powerpoints most of the time, for the Roman Art class I'll be taking, so I'll also be studying.

So I'll be returning to Waco a little tanner (thanks to time spent by and in the pool), a little thinner (thanks to the colitis), not totally back to normal, but closer to it anyway.

If you are a reader of my mom's blog, you know that on Tuesday she and I played at Buon Giorno's open mic night. It was great fun. We both played two songs, me first and then momma. Momma was for sure the hit of the night. As she was playing, all the baristas stopped working and listened. To each other I heard them say "She's really good." And to me they said, "Any mom that can play guitar is okay with me," and, "Did she play you to sleep when you were little?" and, "She looks like a rockstar!"

Here's my rockstar mom:

She is a natural.

And then here is me

It was great fun.

Figured it was time to write again, since it has been a week and all. I'm chilling on the couch, Momma is on the adjacent chair. We are both on our laptops, probably both writing on our blogs.

On the health front, I have still been having some digestive troubles. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is an Irritable Bowel Disease (click here to learn more about it, if you are curious). I've known I have had it for a while, but have been fortunate in that the symptoms haven't flared up much. But right now they are flaring and have been kicking my butt. So I'm back on my meds and really monitoring my diet. There has been some improvement.

My family and friends have been really great about it. My great Momma is making me scrambled eggs right now. Ryan has been by my side and helping me through all of it. Great people. I feel really loved.

Summer school starts next week so I will be back in Waco. I'm a little nervous about it, mainly because I was hoping to have been feeling better by now. I was hoping to be back to normal before starting summer school. I still have some days left I suppose.

The eggs are ready.

Crazy week

First, for Caroline, here is a picture of how my semi-permanent hair color has lightened up in the past week:

It's lighter but still there.

Man what a week it has been. It was been full of packing, camping, tubing, packing, moving, hanging, stomach aching. And yesterday I went to the Emergency Room again. But this time it wasn't for me, but for one of my roommates who ended up having a kidney stone and kidney infection. Yeesh. We are all just too stressed out. Quarter life crisis.

But I'm moved out now. I couldn't have done it without the help of Ryan, Momma, Will, Bailey, Matt, Nick, and Robert. Thanks guys. I expected move out day to be really sad, but it was more just stressful. The least stressful part was the Emergency Room actually. I just chilled next to said roommate from 9 am to 3 pm whilst the aforementioned people moved my stuff into a UHaul for me. Then I joined the fun. I didn't finally get back to my home in Colleyville til a little after midnight. Phew.

It has been a good past week, even though there have been health issues and sadness over leaving. There has been lots of quality friend time and lots of cute pictures taken. Like this one, from camping last Tuesday.

Ah! I dyed my hair! Don't worry it is semi-permanent and will probably only last a couple of weeks.
But that isn't the interesting part of my day. Oh what a day.

I went to the Emergency Room this morning for tummy troubles (thanks for the ride and support Claire! I got her out of bed to take me). They stuck a tube in my nose to my stomach. Good times. My friends and family proved themselves though, by coming out in record number to keep me company. So wonderful are they. We got in trouble because there were too many people in my room.

And then I sat around in my apartment for the rest of the day. I got bored so I dyed my hair (thanks for the help Tinsley). I feel better.

I just finished my last paper of the semester! I have written so many these last three months. More than any other semester. I almost got excited, thinking it was my last paper in college, until I remembered I'll probably have to write a paper about Roman art for my class this summer.

I'm at the library with Ryan right now. See

That picture was taken moments ago. Ryans eyes match his hair and mine kind of match my shirt.

I'm going to a potluck celebrating Cinco de Mayo tonight. I'm bringing guacamole, my fav.