Well it was inevitable--I've moved

I get married in 9 days, so I thought it was time to blog.

Really, I just need to clean my fish tank and am procrastinating . . . .

Okay, I'll go clean it.

29 days people!

School is rapidly coming to a close. All I have left is a take home final that is due next wednesday. Yikes! And then I'll be wrapping up wedding details. I can't believe I am here! I feel like most of the big things about our wedding are planned now, but I don't even know how that happened. I've just been moving along, doing things, and then I look back and things are done. Weird. There is still stuff to do, but nothing major (unless I'm forgetting something . . .)

Every once and awhile I'll have a moment of feeling stressed, but then I just tell myself that the wedding is just ONE DAY. Sure, it's one of the biggest days of my life, but it is still just a few hours that I'm planning here -- a ceremony and a reception. It should not consume my life or my thoughts.

I'm at the Hydrant right now with Ryan.

That is my beautiful Italian-style cappucino. Yum! And Ryan's green tea.

Ryan is studying for his last two finals of nursing school. And then he graduates next week!

Man, what a time! What a month!

Oh yeah, and I have blonde hair again. I wanted to look like me on my wedding day, so I wanted my hair to be blonde again. And it is. I'm not going to post a picture; you can just trust me now and see me when you see me.

I've made us rings.

Ryan has been expressing dissatisfaction (jealousy?) in not being able to wear a ring now too, like I get to. So I made him an engagement ring, and a pinky ring for me to match.

I made these rings using the trusty fisherman's knot.

I learned this knot in my backpacking class at Baylor and have used it so much since, mainly just with necklaces. The two knots can move, so you can make the necklace bigger or smaller without having to untie the knot. Pretty handy.

I had my first Easter away from my family yesterday. I spent yesterday afternoon with my almost-family instead. Ryan and I joined his family at his grandparents house. It was a lot of fun! We ate a wonderful lunch and played with baby goats.

The above picture is Ryan's sister holding the goat with their cousin.

Baby goats are some of the cutest things I've ever encountered. Ryan and I want to have goats of our own someday.

Check out my wordle! It was made using the text from this blog (click on the little image to go to it).
Wordle: blog

Sweet. Its interesting to see all the words I use often outside of their context. You can make your own!

2 months and six days! Ah!

What a great Sunday it has been! I feel like today has truly been a sabbath. I have not done a lick of work, and have spent lots of time enjoying the weather and enjoying family (and family-to-be).

Well, I did sort our recycling. That is kind of work. It took almost an hour to do. We like to let it pile up. But what a fun time it was taking it to the recycling bins! Apparently some middle school library decided to recycle all of their books . . .

Jack pot! So Ryan and I had a lot of fun dumpster diving for books.

And yesterday we frolicked about in the beautiful wildflowers that are growing in his backyard.

And Oliver, the dog that lives with Ryan, entertained us.

Such a great weekend! I'm going to try to work really hard this week so I can have another Sabbath next weekend (Easter!).