It's got me. I thought I could elude it. I thought I could fight it, but it has taken me siege.

Ryan was sick Thursday and Friday. I took care of him--while washing my hands every time I passed a sink, taking Vitamin C, taking Wellness Forumla, and not kissing. But here I am, lying on my couch with a 101 fever. Ryan is feeling better though, so that's good. And my roommates are out of town, so I can't get them sick.

Ryan just left to get me some soup and chicken broth. He is so sweet. Today we have been together for fifteen months!!!

And Happy Halloween! Glad I didn't have any plans for tonight to begin with, now I don't have to feel lame about it.

I was kind of relieved when I found I actually had a fever. It means I'm not being a baby and that I am actually sick. Good, that's done, now go away.

I also would appreciate it if it wasn't so durn nice outside. I want to go outside and play! Waa!

Just kidding, it's nice to just lie on the couch. We just finished watching Cars. Good movie.

So the weekend was a success.

Elise turned 23

Molly and David got engaged

Ryan found a praying mantis.

I caught up with some good friends

The goats were happy to see us

It was kind of surreal being in Waco. The whole weekend had me feeling like the past six months have been a dream, and I was going to wake up on Monday in my loft in Waco, and go to class at Baylor. It was weird. But good and refreshing all the same. I like being in Denton and having a life here, but I still treasure the past four years I spent living in Waco.

Really, I'm a very blessed person.

MM hm. I love french press coffee in the morning. Especially freshly ground, local Bookish coffee. Bookish coffee are Denton people who roast their own coffee beans. You order it online and and then they can deliver it to you, or you pick it up from their front porch.

Baylor Homecoming is this weekend. Sic 'em! My first Baylor Homecoming as an alum. So I'm going to be comin home. Excited to see some long-lost Baylor friends, like Rachael who is pictured above (in the middle). She lives in Boston now. And Julia (on the left) who is at Duke in North Carolina.

It's almost November!! I feel I still haven't gotten over the shock of October. That's the way it is though, time always goes so fast. You'd think we would learn that if time is always fast, then it isn't fast but is just going at its normal speed. But we never do. We think it should go slower. Why do we think that? Maybe because it did when we were kids. When we were kids and had nothing to do but play all day, time didn't go so fast.

Confession: I'm mainly writing this post so that the Twilight one will go down and not be the first impression newcomers have of my blog. Mission accomplished (the big picture helped).

Yes, I took the Twilight Personality Quiz on the New Moon movie MySpace. I was listening to the soundtrack, okay? (Which is supposed to be pretty good.) That's why I was there and I just got distracted. As for the results . . .

I don't really know how to take that. But at least I can be Dakota Fanning.

The weeks are starting to fly by faster now. I can't believe it's already Friday! That is evidence that I am getting used to this place and forming a routine. Along those lines, I have found a part-time job--after-school nanny. Starting this week, I will spend three afternoons out of the week hanging out with some cool kids. Yesterday I picked them up from their elementary school for the first time. It was a strange feeling, because the last time I was in a line of cars waiting in front of an elementary school I was in elementary school. I am being re-educated in children's television--Disney and Nickelodeon still reign supreme. And children's games--like Sorry, which I played a couple of times yesterday, while watching SpongeBob Square Pants. And I'm getting paid for this!

In other news: Today is Melissa's birthday! Weee! Here's happy Melissa on her birthday in 2007. It was that semester that we became good friends, living together in lovely Florence, Italy. Here, she is eating a yummy birthday dinner at our favorite--Il Gatto e La Volpe ("The Cat and The Fox"). So good! Looks like something funny is going on.

And this is us together that same night. Check out my long hair! And my nose ring! Crazy.

Anywho, she is at TCU now, getting a Masters in Art History. And I get to see her tonight!

Bad news: So I didn't get either of the jobs listed in the previous post. Good news: But I did get a telescope eye goldfish named Louie! Ryan gave him to me on Tuesday for our 14 month-aversary. Tuesday was also the day I heard about both jobs. I was bummed out, but I know its for the best. I wasn't supposed to have those jobs so I don't want them. Back to the drawing board (and time to work on a budget).

Here is Louie (it was hard to get a picture of him because he wouldn't hold still):

I like him. And he seems to be liking his new home. He would be happier in a tank though; that is in the works. It's peaceful to me to watch him swimming around.