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2 months and six days! Ah!

What a great Sunday it has been! I feel like today has truly been a sabbath. I have not done a lick of work, and have spent lots of time enjoying the weather and enjoying family (and family-to-be).

Well, I did sort our recycling. That is kind of work. It took almost an hour to do. We like to let it pile up. But what a fun time it was taking it to the recycling bins! Apparently some middle school library decided to recycle all of their books . . .

Jack pot! So Ryan and I had a lot of fun dumpster diving for books.

And yesterday we frolicked about in the beautiful wildflowers that are growing in his backyard.

And Oliver, the dog that lives with Ryan, entertained us.

Such a great weekend! I'm going to try to work really hard this week so I can have another Sabbath next weekend (Easter!).

Oh what a beautiful morning! What a beautiful day.

I rode my bike to Ryan's house this morning and then we rode together to a coffee shop downtown. It's so nice to be able to do that! And I am wearing my Chaco's today--first time this year (pictured above). It's nice to feel the wind on my toes.

I can't wait until Ryan and I can live in the same house, roll out of the same bed, and head out of our same front door together to bike downtown to a coffee shop. On the way here we saw a cute little house with a sign in the front yard saying it was up for grabs (it was unclear whether to buy or rent). Ryan called the number and left a message.

I'm trying to look forward to that future, while at the same time treasuring the present and these last couple of months of single-dom. I know that with marriage there will be a lot of new challenges that I never even could have foreseen (and a lot more things to pay for).

But I still can't wait!

It's the first day of spring! And there is snow in the forecast. What a crazy world we live in!

And what is further crazy is that Ryan and I have changed our wedding date--June 5th. That means we are getting married in 2 1/2 months! Wowee Wow! I was super stressed about it before we actually made the decision to change, but things are really working out well. The change has not created any problems. I think we are really supposed to get married on June 5th.

And this day also marks the end of spring break. The week has gone by too fast. But at least we are now one week closer to June 5th!

I promise, I can talk about things other than our wedding. But why?

Spring is springing! I'm excited about it. Excited to wear my chacos again!

I haven't broken them out yet. I'm afraid doing it too early that I'll wear them and then have to put them back in my closet for another week or so. But my toes are itching to be set free.

That's all.