Yesterday in my Women in Christian History class we again talked about women in ministry and the arguements on both sides--for and against. There are reasoned opinions on both sides (though I think the more reasonable argument is on the "for" side) and good Godly people on both sides. But ultimately, I don't think it is reasoned arguments that convince people of things. They certainly are helpful along the way, but I think what ultimately convinces people that a woman can publicly proclaim God's truths is to experience a woman doing so. Why would you want to silence that? In the same way, I think ultimately what convinces a person to become a Christian is not well thought out arguments, but a direct experience with God, or with someone who is walking in step with him.

What do you think?

So I'm back from my whirl-wind art-adventure in New York City. It was a good time. Basically all we did was eat, sleep, walk, and see art. We went to the Moma, The Met, the Guggenheim, the Frick Collection, Dia Beacon, Chealsea art galleries, Neue Gallery, and .. . I think that's all. It was cool. Expanded my visual vocabulary.

And now I'm off to my final week of classes. I still have two papers to write and a handful of finals to take, but it's all under control. I'm not too anxious about the end of school, in that I'm not freaking out about leaving Baylor and this whole world I know and love. Either I'm in denial or heartless. I think also we have just been talking about this for so long--the end of college, graduating--that I feel pretty prepared for it. It also helps that I know what the next step is--grad school. So I'm sure I'll cry at graduation and when I'm moving out of my apartment and such, but I'm not . . . freaking out I guess. I think that's healthy.

Yup I'm healthy. And hungry. I had lunch just two and a half hours ago and now I'm hungry. Well thats annoying.


I have been very fortunate in the last couple of years to be able to travel a lot. First to Kenya and Europe, and since then I have gone to places in the States I had never been before--San Francisco, Seattle, Long Island, Denver. This weekend I will add to that list by going to New York City. I'll take a big bite of the Big Apple with one of my Art History classes: History of the Modern Self Portrait. It will be a very art-filled bite. In all we will spend about fifteen hours inside art museums (The MOMA, The Met, The Guggenheim, etc.). Hope I don't choke.

I know that last paragraph sounded really pretentious. But really, I just feel really blessed to be able to travel so much. It's fun. I remember my roommate Elise wisely saying that she finds it annoying when people gauge her value by how many plane tickets she has purchased. This was in response to a guy who all of a sudden found her really interesting when he found out she lived in Lithuania for the summer. She was also really interesting before she lived to Lithuania too. I know lots of people who are really interesting and knowledgeable who haven't traveled outside of the country, and lots more who have and are close-minded and foolish. Hmph.

I wonder which one I am. Probably somewhere in the middle. .


I want to take this time and share with you a hilarious moment that happened in Seattle.

All six of us wanted to take a cute group picture sitting on a wooden rail.

But we broke it.