What a beautiful day! I'm sitting outside on campus, doing some studying and such while I wait for five o'clock to get here, because with it, brings class. The History of Art Education, to be exact. I will always have a special place in my heart for history. On that note, I think it's silly to say you don't like history. I can understand if you don't like taking a history class, but history is something you are in right now. History is what brought you to where you are. Studying the history of Art Education makes me excited to become a part of it (I know, I'm kind of a nerd).

And it's such a beautiful day! Sunny and 77 degrees to be exact. I'm looking forward to fall and cool-weather-clothes, but for today I am enjoying the warmth. But let's get cool soon, okay?

While school so far has been interesting and I have been learning lots, I am finding that I have entirely too much time on hands. Further, since there are many cozy and yummy coffee shops that I have been spending money at (plus, you know, bills) I am finding I have entirely not enough money on my hands. I can solve both these problems by finding a job, which I have been trying to do these past few weeks. I have a second interview at an Animal Hospital tomorrow, which looks promising and is probably one of the more random jobs I have applied for. I like animals though, and have some experience cleaning up after them. The job description includes heavy cleaning, office work, and assisting with surgeries. Sounds interesting. We shall see how that one works out. I had another interview last Thursday for a job that I don't know if I'm totally qualified for. It involves me and a classroom-full of at-risk high school students every morning. I would love to work with at-risk high school students but the scarey part is that it would be . . . just me and them. So if they think I am qualified for the job and give it to me, then great, but if they don't think I'm qualified for the job then I don't want it anyway. Hopefully I get one of the above jobs and not both nor neither.

You'll be happy to hear I bought an apparatus for heating water today that will not involve my burned fingers (see previous post). It's not a tea kettle, but a water heater. I broke my roommate's water heater by over-use (I drink a lot of hot tea and french-press coffee) so have bought a replacement. Yay!

This week I am going to try to spend less money at coffee shops and make my own coffee and study on campus more--like I'm doing right now. Maybe make the coffee shop experience a once-a-week thing.

And one more thing, I finished my reread of Mere Christianity and now am reading Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck. Reading it makes me feel like I am on vacation.

Wow, this turned out to be kind of a long post. I think its the caffeine.

Memo to self: Don't hold the mug with your left hand while pouring boiling water into it from a pot with your right hand. Instead, put the mug down on a flat surface (preferably in the sink because you will probably make a mess) and then pour said boiling water, with your left hand safely out the way. I really need to invest in a tea kettle, because they are made to have boiling hot water pouring out of them. My poor fingers.

I'm in the upstairs of a coffee shop called The Hydrant. It's my current favorite place to study. It's more quiet and more comfortable than a lot of the other coffee shops here. And the people who work here that I have encountered are really nice.

There is a guy tuning a piano in the room I am sitting in. And speaking of pianos, Ryan and I are going to see Regina Spektor on November 12th. You should come! Get a ticket! Google it! Something!

I like fall. I am excited about it. I'm excited about jackets and sweaters and scarves and hats. Of course, sometimes we to even get to wear those things in the winter. When does fall start. Has it?

Man oh man! It's almost the middle of September. Feel as though I should say some things on this blog o' mine.

It has been raining almost two days straight. I have been enjoying it. It's a nice excuse to stay inside and drink some hot tea with a good book. Not that I've really done that much, but is sure sounds nice! Speaking of books, I decided to give Mere Christianity another go-around. I'm about halfway through it right now. It's so good! C.S. Lewis writes like he is having a conversation with you. He is so good and reasonable and rationally explaining what it is that Christians believe, how Christians should behave, and why he believes Christianity to be the real deal. It's a great read for anyone new or interested in the Christian faith, or just anyone who is already a Christian and wants some encouragement--to know how to better articulate what it is they believe and why. Anywho, it's good. Elise also has loaned me her copy of the Time Travelers Wife to read next. Have you read that?

School is slowly picking up. Still don't feel like I have enough going on.

It has been really nice being so close to Ryan. He is taking a nap in my room right now. It's a perfect Sunday afternoon for that.

And now a word from Lisa Hannigan, one of my recent obsessions. You might recognize her voice as the female that often sings with Damien Rice.

And here is a word from C.S. Lewis from page 32 of Mere Christianity

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth--only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin with and, in the end, despair.