I've made us rings.

Ryan has been expressing dissatisfaction (jealousy?) in not being able to wear a ring now too, like I get to. So I made him an engagement ring, and a pinky ring for me to match.

I made these rings using the trusty fisherman's knot.

I learned this knot in my backpacking class at Baylor and have used it so much since, mainly just with necklaces. The two knots can move, so you can make the necklace bigger or smaller without having to untie the knot. Pretty handy.

I had my first Easter away from my family yesterday. I spent yesterday afternoon with my almost-family instead. Ryan and I joined his family at his grandparents house. It was a lot of fun! We ate a wonderful lunch and played with baby goats.

The above picture is Ryan's sister holding the goat with their cousin.

Baby goats are some of the cutest things I've ever encountered. Ryan and I want to have goats of our own someday.