I'm sitting, chilling next to Sherbasky on the Carmack couch. And by "Carmack" I don't mean me or my parents. No, I am in the Rob and Caroline Carmack household, chilling with their pups and stuff while they are on vacay to somewhere less humid.

I have had a pleasant evening of Twilight and Panda Express thus far. I watched the movie Twilight, though I didn't finish it. I just couldn't bring myself to. I was getting bored, and I have seen it and read it already. Now I'm jamming out to the "Symphony Hall" music channel and about to read more of C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength.

I tried to get a picture of Sherbs, Lola (the other Carmack dog) and myself on my Photo Booth but it was a little diffcult. Here are some of the results.

This is how most of the pictures turned out . I'm saying, "Sherbs! Look at the camera!" Sherbasky is the snout on your left and Lola is the white fluff on your right.

So I decided that both dogs at once was much too impossible, and started focusing on one at a time; here is the clearest picture I could get of Lola.:

And here is the best of Sherbs and I. This one is not half bad:

So see Rob and Caroline, I haven't killed your dogs.

In other news, a year ago from tomorrow Ryan and I went on our first date to Food for Thought and the Lake Waco dam. It's an anniversary! Astounding. We are going to celebrate. You should too! And I know you guys can't get enough of pictures of Ryan and I, so here we are many months ago, being awkward (also taken on my Photo Booth).

I had a first today--getting a massage. It was wonderful and felt marvelous--an hour long. And now I smell really good from the lotion rubbed all over me and feel very soft. Hmm.

It has been a whirlwind past couple of days. Ryan is in Colorado, and since most of my time of late has been spent hanging out with him (and well spent), I thought I would just be sitting around, twiddling my thumbs. Instead I've been pretty busy--catching up with people mostly. I forgot how popular I am! Just kidding.
Sunday I took an impromptu trip to Killeen to visit Rachael at Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children. I didn't feel like driving the three hours back to Colleyville and so spent the night in Austin with Melissa and Tinsley. I ate breakfast with Melissa, did a little shopping, and then met up with Tinsley for lunch. I made it back to the good ol' metroplex just in time to eat dinner with Julia. Phew. It was good to see all those girls and hear how their summers have been going. And tonight I will eat dinner with another good friend--Linh. Our friendship has been going strong for seven years now:

Excited to see where she will be in the next seven years!

I also registered for my first semester of grad school today. In the fall I will be taking Writing About Art, History of Art Education, Teaching Theories, and Literacy for All. Woot! Two of those classes are internet classes. That'll be interesting; I've never taken an internet class before. Hopefully that means they will be easier? There is no tellin with grad school I suppose. The other two are once a week, evening classes. It seems like my program is designed for people with daytime jobs. Maybe I should get one then. If I find myself not too busy with schoolwork, maybe I'll try substitute teaching or something. We shall see . . .

My clothes are dry now so I am going to go fold them.

I was tagged by Beth, so now here are six little things that make me happy. . .

1. Dogs. Particularly this one:

Dogs' loyalty and joy make me happy.

2. That picture reminds me of another little thing that makes me happy, swimming on a nice (hot but not too hot) summer day. Especially accompanied by a good book and a pool chair.

3. Making a yummy dinner with Ryan (and it's always yummy when we make it):

4. Sitting for hours at a coffee shop, reading a good book (or even studying) and sipping on good coffee or tea (like at Buon Giorno).

5. Swing sets:

6. Listening to my momma play guitar.

Phew! Finally got it done. I have been working on these six things for awhile. I kept starting it and getting interrupted.

And I want you to note that these are six little things. There are also many big things that make me happy that I didn't even mention--like my family, friends, lofties, Ryan himself. So don't be offended if you didn't make it into my six little happy things, because that just means you are a big happy thing.

And now I tag six people that make me happy:


So if you were tagged, you must now list six little things that make you happy.

Back in C-ville now. The back-and-forth between c-vill and the 'co is over now (except for August, when I go back to graduate). In a month, the back-and-forth between c-vill and D Town (Denton) will commence, as I prepare for the beginning of the next chapter of my life--grad school. Until them I am chillin' here, waiting tables and chillin with friends and fam. Even after being at Baylor for four years, this place still feels like home and it feels good to be here. I know that's not the case with everyone, once they move out of the house, so I'm thankful.

Tomorrow I start at the tea room. Come visit!

I thought that I would know everything by the time I graduated college. Well that certainly isn't the case. I want my money back! Probably after grad school I will for sure know everything though, right?

But the more you know, the more you realize you don't know. So really , I must know at lot since I think that I don't.
I thought when I graduated college I would at least know everything about Art History, and at least know everything about myself. I feel like I know only a small portion about both of those things. Certainly a lot more than four years ago (especially the later), but there is still much to know. But that is part of the fun of life, eh? Ay.

On the drive back from the 'co, I spent a considerable amount of time talking to some of these girls on the phone:

That was us outside of UBC on our last Sunday in Waco together. I love them, and hopefully will know them for the rest of my life. I just have to get better at calling and writing people. Something else to put on my to do list.

I'm hungry. It's about that time of day again . . .

Ug. So tired of Rome and her sarcophagi, her columns, her temples, her wall paintings, her mosaics. In the midst of studying for my final final. Going crazy with studying. Ryan is on his way to rescue me, a Chik-fil-A cookies-n-cream milkshake in tow. Yum yum. We also made a yummy dinner together, putting the last of our groceries together--spaghetti with veggies and chicken. It was yum as well.

He's here! I'm rescued! My hero. (as of yesterday we have been together for eleven months)