Go Eagles! Go Mean Green!

That is my first attempt at UNT school spirit. Maybe my last? We will see. When I was at the bookstore last week, buying my textbooks, I almost bought a UNT T-shirt, but I couldn't bring myself to just yet. I like my Baylor shirts, thank you. Maybe next semester I will be ready.

I'm liking UNT though. I can feel that it is a lot bigger than Baylor. The campus is nice-looking, which I wasn't expecting really. For some reason I had the impression that UNT's campus was ugly, but it's not at all. The art building is way cooler than the Baylor art building, but that's to be expected. It's a way bigger program here. I went to a yoga class earlier today in the Rec Center which was also impressive looking. It was good to do yoga again after a summer hiatus. I need to make it apart of my routine again.

My first real class here starts in thirty minutes--History of Art Education. It's from 5-8--not the most convenient of class times. And I am going to take that Ceramics class btw. I have heard some scary things about the professor, so I'm now more nervous than excited.

So there's that. I'm here, in an Einstein Bros. Bagels within the Union Building (which is also way huger than Baylor's) wasting time until five (it's 4:30).

Tis the eve of my first day of class.

I'm at Art Six right now, one of Denton's fine local houses of coffee. I anticipate spending much time here in the future, studying and such. And listening to music. And chillin with friends. If you fall under that category, come to Denton and chill with me!

While sitting here eating my pizza bagel, I finished the third book of C.S. Lewis' space trilogy--That Hideous Strength. It is so good! Of course it is, it is C.S. Lewis. It has been a very Lewis summer for me. It started with Til We Have Faces in May, and after finishing that I started on the space trilogy, which I just finished. Such a good time investment! And it's perfect, since classes start tomorrow. My first class is a Ceramics class at 11, which I'm not actually registered for yet. Hopefully that works out and I can take it for real (I need special permission since it is a undergraduate class and I am a graduate student).

What book should I embark on next? I'm tempted to keep the C.S. Lewis streak going, perhaps a re-read of Mere Christianity. Any other suggestions, Lewis or not?

I'm officially moved to Denton now. Have been since Sunday. Since then I have been unpacking things. My room is almost all put together. I'll have to give you a walking tour soon. The other Laura arrives today sometime, and Katherine comes in a couple days. It's happening!

I like it. My apartment is nice. Denton is cool. Ryan is close. Friends and family are not too far. I'm anxious about starting school and wondering what my routine will be like. Looking into getting a job--maybe tutoring. I need to get working on applications though.

My bathroom is the only room that is all put together, so right now it's my favorite room. And I just filmed a really awkward and dumb video of my giving you a tour of my current favorite room. Dare I show it to you . . . ? Ok