If you are a reader of my mom's blog, or someone who has recently been within earshot of me, you will know that I got into UNT's graduate school. Yessss! I was a bit nervous about it. So, for the next two years I will work on getting a Masters in Art Education, to prepare me to teach art. Right now I'm thinking I'll want to do high school, but we'll see. I can move around.

So that's a relief. I'm really happy now that I have a definite answer when people ask me what I am going to do after graduation. That's a really common question nowadays. I used to hate that question, but now I'm ready for it.

Being apart of this program will also force me to work on some art myself. I feel like I have the potential to be alright in doing art, but I have kind of been afraid of it. That's part of the reason why I majored in Art History and not studio art--Art History sounded a little safer, I could hide behind books and learn about other artists instead of being one myself. This program though, will require me to take twelve hours of more studio art classes (I have taken twelve already, as a requirement for a Art History degree), so it'll force me to explore that part of myself more. I'm excited for the challenge.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This morning, I groggily poured myself some cereal and got out my milk and noticed . . . that my milk was a bluish greenish color. I was so perplexed. It wasn't old and it smelled okay, so I shrugged and poured it over my cereal. I then opened my mango juice and noticed that was green too. But it also smelled and tasted fine. That's when I remembered the conversation I had last night with my roommate Elise . . . .

St. Patrick's Day is Elise's favorite holiday. Growing up, her mom got really into it and made green cupcakes, put green feet everywhere (?), had a scavenger hunt for her kids to find the hidden pot of gold, and dyed everything green (from the toilet water to the milk). So Elise had been sneaky and dyed all our things green! She also made green cupcakes (without refined sugar, since she and Tinsley gave up refined sugar for lent)

I'm wearing green striped pants too. Hope you've got on green!


Back from Seattle! Back into class. I really didn't want to go this morning; last week was really great. I'm not in the mood to be really wordy right now, but here are links to two albums I posted on facebook. Just click on the album titles below.
spring break seattle
spring break seattle 2

Spring Break

Man oh man, I am already on the eve of Spring Break! There is just one class away from myself and it. Tomorrow me and a handful of my closest of friends will drive to Houston, and tomorrow morning we will fly to Seattle. Yeehaa! I'm stoked. I have never really traveled with this group of girls before, though I have lived with them for three years. The girls include: Claire, Elise, Melissa, Rachael, and we will see Jenny up there. Hopefully my Florentine pal Hannah will make a guest appearance as well.

I have never been to that part of the country, the upper western corner, so I am pretty excited. But I am more excited about sharing this adventure with the aforementioned people. Melissa and I are seasoned travelers together, but the rest I haven't traveled with (I know I just said that, it just felt good to put it here too).

We also hope to venture up to Vancouver for a couple of days. Stay at a hostel. Canada is cool, eh? How aboot it?

One challenge is that, since there are so many girls that will be crashing in Elise's brother's apartment, we are limiting ourselves to very little luggage. As in we are not checking any bags. I am going to try to fit everything in one backpack, and my purse. This could prove difficult since the weather will be cold and that requires layers. Further, I would like to bring my laptop as I have some school work to get done while I am there. Laptops take up room. We will see how this goes . . . Should be a fun challenge.

Either way, I'm excited!