3D! 3D! 3D!

So we went to see Monster House last night...in 3D! We got some crazy cool 3D glasses. Linh and I are modeling them. I'm astonished at the blonde-ness of my hair.

Philippian 2:14-15

"Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe."

I can't believe I got a tattoo. But it's a good "I can't believe it." Not a bad one.

Some photographic evidence of my aforementioned painting

and all that painting makes a girl sleepy...

And, despite the bad reviews, I enjoyed Lady in the Water. And I also enjoy the fact that now, the house is a little cleaner. I can relax a little better. But I do still have all that laundry to do. I think I'm going to see how long I can go without doing it, see how creative I can be with my wardrobe.

home now

So I'm back now. Jackson was enjoyable. It went by really fast. We did a lot of painting. I still have some paint on my fingernails.

The house is really messy right now and it makes it hard to for me to relax. I cleaned up a little...but that wasn't very relaxing either, so now I'm watching The Simpsons. Later I'm going to go see Lady in the Water. I'm pretty excited about it.

The view from where I'm sitting

I took off "Now Museum, Now U Don't." So now you just...don't. We go to Jackson tomorrow. Woohoo! I ate enchiladas with my grandparents. And I still haven't packed.

I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations. No.

I bought the new India Arie CD today. I love it! I just wanted to express this. India Arie is amazing, not just because of her music, but she seems to be just such a genuine, cool person. Of course, I don't really know her, so I could be wrong, but ignorance is bliss. You should buy her CD too. And look at the guitar. Isn't it cool?

This week has been really great. Just chilling with my friends, reading, avoiding my room because it's so dirty. All great. I went to the park on Tuesday with some peeps, that picture of Will and Linh is a result of said trip to the park. It's from my phone. I could really use a digital camera. Not that I need one, it would just be nice to have one. Nothing fancy, just something to capture memories with. My birthday is less than a month away. Just thought you should know....


So I painted my fingernails and toenails with a color labeled "Now Museum Now U Don't." It's a dark maroon-ish color. I thought that was fun.

So here are two pictures from Allison's phone from various adventures that have occurred since I got home.

This is from Sunday night when Elise, Allison, Linh, Will and I attempted to dreadlock my hair. We got as far as dividing my hair into sections via little hairties (pictured here). After doing that we made two dreadlocks and realized how long it would take/how hard it would be to get out, so we stopped. It was an adventure.

Me being cultural at World Market yesterday. My hair being non-dreaded.

Pretty exciting.

Home am I. I slept until 11:47 this morning, so that was pretty sweet. I've hung out with my friends and eaten fast food and gone bike riding and went to Barnes and Noble and have driven a lot. Sky Ranch kind of feels like a dream I had.

I'm really ready to get home. Two more days! But that still feels like a long time, just because the days are so full.

So there is this one night event called "Keep Your Counselor Clean." The name pretty much speaks for itself, but if the name is not enough, here is a picture...

Suffice to say, it it not our, the counselors', favorite activity.

There was some pretty sweet fireworks on Tuesday. That was cool. And because of them, we did not play "Keep Your Counselor Clean". That is really sweet.

happy 2nd of July

This couch that I'm lounging on in the counselors' lounge is really comfortable. I mean really. I don't know why I haven't lounged on this couch before. I'm really full of coffee cake. Sunday morning breakfast here is rather yummy. It includes fruit and muffins and coffee cake and granola and such, kind of a continental breakfast, to give the cooking staff a break I presume. Usually there is also coffee, but they didn't have any this morning. That was really unfortunate. But I had a lot of coffee cake, to make up for it.

So this time next week I will be home. Probably. I'm not sure if we are to leave Sunday or Saturday, I'm thinking Saturday. That's weird. It's going to be hard to focus this week because the whole time I will be thinking "This is the last time to do the Pendulum" "This is the last time to play Mission Impossible" "This is the last time to eat Sky Burgers" "This is the last time to do the Truckin' Thursday dance." At first I was only happy, I just wanted to get home, but now I'm a little afraid. I've developed such good habits here, and have been challenged and have learned so much. I don't want to go home and be the same I was before. I don't want to just sit in front of the TV and shop and eat and sleep and play. Summers are so selfish. But I also can't wait to sleep in and take of my watch for a few days. Not have to always worry about being on schedule and always having to be fun. Sometimes, the pressure to be a "fun" and "cool" counselor weighs on me.

But anywho, I need to stop thinking about this. I still have a whole week! A lot could happen in a week. The world could end in a week.

On Thursday, for an illustration for our Bible Study, I did 105 pushups. My arms are still really sore.