Sorry I haven't written in awhile, I just really haven't felt like it.


It's been a little over a week. I feel I should say something.

Being home is good, I'm glad I'm here. I like waitressing at the tea room (you should come visit me) and hanging out with oldie but goodie friends. This is the life, really.

My nose is doing well, thanks for asking. I got it pierced, in case you missed that. I have a new piece of metal lodged into my face, and I like it.

Last night I went to a wedding of a friend. She's a few years older than me, but it's still weird to know that my friends are getting married. I mean, they're my friends, not just distant relatives that are ten years older than me. Before you know it, my friends will be having kids, paying for college, retire. It's pretty much all down hill from here.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

No, I am. Marriage and stuff freaks me out, but I guess it will be ok. I mean, a long time from now. Long.

But in my more near future--I go to Italy in less than two months. Eeee! I got a big packet in the mail today from Study Abroad Italy, telling me all this stuff I have to do before I go and how to stay safe and what to bring and where to buy my textbooks and what the weather will be like and blah blah blah. I'm tired of thinking about it and getting information about it. I just want to go.

A hair cut

So I got my hair cut today. I haven't paid someone to cut my hair since November of 2005. I've cut it myself a couple times, rarely ever brush it, and one time, it caught on fire. The woman at Regis said I was crazy.
Well, now my hair is healthy, soft, and a couple inches shorter. Even though it is only a couple inches, I still hurts my heart a little. I guess I've grown attached to my long hair. She styled it also; it's all curly, like goldie locks curly.

And that's that.


At the begining of this summer, aside from my two week adventure in Kenya, I decided to pass the season in Waco, taking classes and working at Camille's. At the endish of June, niether the idea of living in my apartment sans my roommates for the month of July nor continuing to work at Camille's seemed appealing to me any longer (that sentence was kind of awkward, but we're going with it). So I dropped my session 2 classes at Baylor, applied to TCC, and gave Camille's my two weeks notice. Last night, I registered for a class at TCC and this morning I paid for it. A couple hours later, I dropped the class at TCC and took a job at the tea room where my mom plays piano. I'll be serving food, making tea--earning some extra cash before my adventures in Europe.

I used to think I was the type of person who liked well thought-out plans, who found spontaneous-ness uncomfortable. I don't know about that anymore. I've been trusting my instincts more of late, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Oh yeah, and then there's the nose piercing.


I got a flippin' B in my Brit Lit class. That's bogus. B is for Bogus. Blasphemy. Bleh. In my head, I'm thinking, "Laura, it's just a letter. Life is much bigger than that." But my heart is thinking, "Bogus. Blasphemy. Bleh."

And it's July. That part is ok.