This week is my last week of summer class. I had my quiz yesterday and oral presentation today. I presented about this sculpture. It's a the portrait of a Roman matron as the goddess Cybele:

I think it went well, but it's hard to know with those kind of things. Next I have my final exam on Thursday and then I'm done. Finito. Done with classes at Baylor. It still hasn't hit me I don't think. Then I'm off to the next phase of my summer, taking place in Colleyville.

I had another adventure-filled weekend. Went to Austin and went camping for the second weekend in a row, this time at Pace Bend Park. Before that though, Ryan and I went to REI and I found a pair of Chaco's on super sale for $30! Usually they are $95. Now Ryan and I have twin feet:

See, you can't even tell whose is whose!

In my Roman Art class yesterday, we talked about the characters of Gladiator (such as Commodus below, played by Joaquin Phoenix)

Gladiator is one of my favorite movies, so that was a highlight. I brought up the movie in class and asked if the professor knew how Commodus actually died, if it was indeed at the hands of a Gladiator. He said he didn't think so, though Commodus did like the games and participated in Gladiatorial combat on occasion. Cool. Hopefully there will be a question about Gladiator on the final: Compare and Contrast the events in the movie "Gladiator" with real historical events of the second century CE.

Ryan and I:

Went to see St. Vincent last night:

They were awesome, I'd say. She is kind of eerie though, super talented and amazing, but kind of eerie. Like a mannequin--in the way she moves and looks. She is haunting--her voice, and her way about her.

And now I'm listening to the new Regina Spektor CD streaming on NPR's First Listen fo free. Fo sho. If you go there (which you should) and only have time to listen to one song, listen to "Laughing With" (you can scroll down and pick individual songs). I really like it.

I'm going to Dallas tonight with Ryan to see a concert. St. Vincent:

I'm super excited about it! Will gave me her CD for Christmas a couple years back (She is from Dallas). Thanks Will.

We also went canoeing and camping this past weekend:

I had an invisible canoe

Also, speaking of resurrected hairstyles. At least this Roman hairstyle hasn't come back in fashion yet. It would be a lot of work:

I am now almost half-way through with my summer class! That's wild. I'm liking it though, I think Roman Art is interesting.

I had the most yummy lunch today. I just have to share. The yummy-factor was quite unexpected, as I just threw together an egg burrito, but it was sooo good: scrambled eggs, goat cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, onion, and salsa. And I have discovered a yummy and healthy dessert. Frozen cherries and a glass of goat milk. I don't put them together, I just eat the frozen cherries (real cherries, not marciano) and drink the goat milk (which I buy from the World Hunger Farm, so I know it is fresh from the goat). I know not everyone likes goat milk, but personally, this combination of frozen cherries and milk satiates my craving for ice cream. And I have frequent cravings for ice cream on these hot summer days. Not to say that I am abstaining from ice cream, I'm just trying not to eat too much sugar. Anywho, my tummy is really happy right now.

I have been tending to write and talk about food a lot of late. It has been on my mind, because of various digestive problems.

There were many people getting married this past weekend. Many weddings. I went to one, celebrating the marriage of David and Melyssa:

It was a great wedding. Beautiful, and tons of fun. Much dancing and merriment:

It was a great weekend, and the wedding was the highlight. I'm really liking this summer so far, even though I am taking class. It is hard to study, though, when everyone you hang out with is not taking class.

I am at work, making Roman Art Powerpoints and had a quick thought, about how styles are continuously resurrected from the past, even hairstyles. Like the hairstyle of this woman from the first century BCE:

Whose hairstyle looks similar to this woman's:


Okay back to work.

I'm chillin at my new apartment in Waco. Ryan is behind me, supposedly napping, though this picture proves otherwise. Its fun living by myself for a little while. It has only been three days, but I'm not tired of it yet. I can put my stuff wherever and walk around naked. Blare music. I don't have a TV at all, only a plant where the TV should be. It's a pretty entertaining plant though. Lots of colors (mainly green). I have been making a lot of smoothies.

Today summer classes began. I went to my Roman Art class and went to work. Nothing too exciting. It's nice though. The summer is slower in Waco. Though class is faster, people move slower, and there are less people around in general. But still enough to keep me entertained. Tonight I will be visited by some of my favorite Baylor people--Tins and Melissa. They will sleep on my floor and my couch.

I'm living in the same apartment unit my Dad lived in for a spell when he was getting his undergrad at Baylor. Crazy! It's a nice, and quiet, and safe place.