A Pleasant Surprise

I got a pleasant surprise today--my 10 o'clock English class is canceled. Well, that's what the class assumes anyway. There was a sign on the door informing the general public that Makowsky's 9am class was canceled, but since Makowsky doesn't have a 9am class...we assumed the sign was refering to us so we stuck around until aproximately 10:04--just to be sure--and then left.

So now I'm at the Student Union Building, wasting time. I didn't anticipate this hour of free time and so didn't come prepared with my Religion book which I should to be reading. Ah well. I'll probably spend some time skipping about the internet (I couldn't think of a better work, so yes, I will be skipping), maybe read the Lariat, The Waco Tribune Herald, write in my blog (check), go to the bathroom. Fun stuff.

Laura non e una cuoca esperta

I'm was studying for my Italian test today and came across a sentence in my book that reads "Laura non e una cuoca esperta pero se la cava." In English, "Laura isn't an experienced cook but she gets by." And I was like "Wow! That's true! My Italian book knows me so well." The meals I prepare for myself consist of Ramen Noodles, quesadillas, and Lean Cuisines. I like them. I get by.

Monolithic Ovaloid

I always feel like a real art student when I have paint on my hands. I have splotches of grey primer on my hands right now from priming my monolithic ovaloid for 3D Design (I know, its a mouthful). I like to pretend that I'm a hardcore studio art major, when really I'm just a simple art history major who feels more comfortable reading about art than producing it. But today I actually kind of enjoyed Design class nonetheless. I think I'll like 3D better than 2D

This is going to be a long week, I can already tell. It's only Tuesday.

That sculpture is our art teacher's inspiration for the monolithic ovaloid project, just to give you an idea. The only difference is, while his sculpture represents something-a person's head-our don't. They're just designs. Oh, and the sculpture is by Constantine Brancusi.

Snow day

"WEATHER ALERT - Baylor Closed Wednesday Due to Weather

Jan. 17, 2007
•Posted at 7:54 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17

Due to the icy road conditions, Baylor University officials have closed the university on Wednesday, Jan. 17. No classes will be held."

Snow Day!!


This is such a cozy day. I'm loving it (not McDonalds). I'm at Common Grounds right now with Molly, sipping on a hot chocolate. When we got here there was only one other patron. It amazing, some might say a phenomenon. We got pretty excited because we had out choice of seats. I'm in the best seat right now, one of the tall cushioned benched in the back. I like knowing what's going on, watching people, being aware of my surroundings, and this is the optimum seat for just that. I can see both the front and back doors and into every room. And I'm in a corner, so I can lean up against the wall and put up my feet. It's wonderful.

I love this weather, until I start to think about the homeless population in Waco. When we got here, there were two homeless guys that always hang around Common Ground sitting in the back room on a couch. Once more people started coming in, they got kicked out, because more seats were needed for paying customers. So now they're outside in the cold. And they were really nice. One of them told me he heard a girl saying they might cancel class tomorrow. I told him that was exciting news. He doesn't go to class, obviously, yet he still seemed excited for us. And the thing is, when I'm in Common Grounds, I'm not usually a paying customer either. A lot of times I just sit and read without buying a drink. I guess it just makes people uncomfortable when they share a couch with a homeless person. I would too, to be honest. It's just a sad reality, poverty. It's easy not to think about. That reminds me of a Derek Webb song, Rich Young Ruler, "Poverty is so hard to see when it's only on your TV or 20 miles across town. We're all living so good. Did we move out of Jesus' neighborhood? Where he's lonely and not feeling so good, going through our trash."

I just realized I put two lids on my hot chocolate. I've been drinking it for like 15 minutes.

I just read this one this guy's blog:

"For several years I've had this nagging thought, and it's one that many of my friends have shared. If the generations before us believed they were so right about something, even to the point of using biblical texts to justify their hate, then what evils do I, and those like me, hold to that I have no clue about.

If I may take a slightly Catholic (big "C") turn to end this post, I'll just say that as we take this day to honor Martin Luther King, I can only pray that he has compassion on whatever wretchedness is within me that I am blind to, and that, as one of the host of witnesses talked about in Hebrews, will see fit to intercede for me."

SLC Rock down, the world to go

I did it guys. Yesterday, along with two of my roommates and some friends, I conquered the rock in the SLC. I made it to the top! It was fun, a little scarey, but fun. It's not that big of a deal, lots of people do it, but it's something I've been meaning to do for awhile but have been too scared to attempt. So I'm proud of myself.

I love this weather! Everywhere is so cozy

Butt grooves

I'm at Common Grounds right now for the first time since I've been back. It feels so good, like sitting back into an old couch that has your signiture butt groove in it. Like that. It feels so comfortable. And the music is so nice. And everyone is reading or writing or talking. I'm in a really grand frame of mind right now. I feel like this semester will be a good one.

I actually enjoyed my design class today, which I was kind of wary about. It's because I'm not particularly comfortable in studio art classes. I think that I'm capable, but I'm just not as comfortable with everything as say, a studio art major is. These people have been taking art classes like this since high school and are also in drawing and painting and photography and blah blah blah and know the professors and other art students and here I am, a little Art History student, not knowing what's going on. Oh well.

But anyway, back to what I was saying. I'm in a good frame of mind. It's cloudy right now, which I like. Good weather for sitting in Common Grounds and studying (which is what I came here to do, but still haven't done.) I played raquetball (is that one word or two?) for the first time yesterday. That was fun. I'm not so good at it though. And I've decided that I'm going to climb that rock in the SLC. I've never climbed anything, and I've wanted to, but have been afraid of making a fool of myself. Well, I got over that in the last 24 hours and have decided that I will conquer that rock. It is mine! I just have to find someone to climb it with me. I don't want to go there by myself. That's too scarey. Also, Sing Alliance practice is going splendidly. I'm having fun.

Now I guess I'll do some of that studying I mentioned.

Nicknames revisited

So apparently, " In Middle English the word was ekename (from the verb to eke, "enlarge"; compare Swedish öknamn). Later, an ekename developed into a nickname when the "n" shifted through junctural metanalysis." (according to wikipedia) Whatever. I liked my version better.

I also like Baked Barbecue chips.

First day back

Well, nothing essentially bad happened yesterday, the first day of classes. No wallets were lost, no bike crashes had. I think this semester will be alright. Nothing exceptionally exciting. Some moderately exciting things, but nothing exceptional. It feels like I never left.

And Sing Alliance practices are in full swing. They're fun. I'm glad I'm enjoying it because it's 2 hours a day, four days a week.
And you will be pleased to hear that my keep-up-with-the-news resolution is in full swing. I've started both today and yesterday with a look at the news. Go me.


I wonder if the first nickname was "Nick" and that is why they are called nicknames. Or maybe Nick was the first guy to make up nicknames for people. "Hey, what did Nick name you?" and Nick knew everybody and was giving everyone little personalized names and so people would just cut out the middle man and ask. "Hey, what's your nickname?"

I'm watching Friends right now. It reminds me of Waco. I'm looking forward to getting back but not looking forward to the studying and busyness.

"It breaks my hahahahahahahaheart"

I bought a Regina Spektor CD the other day with a Sam Goody gift card I got from Santa. I'm really enjoying it. Here's a music video of one of her songs, "Fidelity," for your viewing and hearing pleasure..

In other news, I've decided on a New Years resolution: to be more informed about what's going on in the world, to keep up with the news. Perhaps I should subscribe to some sort of news publication, such as Time or USA today. Any suggestions? I also made the obligatory resolution of getting into shape. I'm really going to do it though and in fact already started a month ago to develop the habit of working out everyday (that was a really awkward sentence). But once I get back to Baylor and become busy again, it will be harder to keep up with it. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, and happy new year!!